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    ·Input voltage range: 90-270Vac
    ·Line OVP and UVP protection:please check the details
    ·Lightning Surge:Power Line to Line 4KV, Line to Earth 4KV
    ·Electrostatic Discharge: Contact Discharge 6KV, Air Discharge 10KV
    ·Efficiency Level: V/VI
    ·Power Consumption at No Load : 0.075W Max.
    ·Operating Temperature: 0°C~45°C
    ·Protection: Line OVP&UVP ,OCP, SCP, OPP, OVP, OTP
    ·LED indicator Option: N
    ·Application: IT/AV Equipment Such as Routers, Set-top Boxes,Gateways, Speakers, etc.
Item/Model AN36
Nomal Input Voltage 90-270Vac
*Max Input Voltage 300Vac
*Line OVP and UVP N
Input Current 1A
Output Voltage 12V
Output Current 3A
*Peak load Current Option N
Output Power 36W
Ripple&Noise 120MV
Working Altitude 5000M
Appearance Type vertical
AC plug Type India
DC Output Type DC cable
LED indicator Option N
Size(mm) 90*54*37.9
Safety Standard BIS
Made In China N
Made In India Y

5V 2.0A 5V 2.0A

5V 2.0A

5V 0.7A 5V 0.7A

5V 0.7A

POE 24V 0.25A POE 24V 0.25A

POE 24V 0.25A

12V1.5A 12V1.5A