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    ·Input voltage range:90-270Vac
    ·Line OVP and UVP protection:please check the details
    ·Lightning Surge:Power Line to Line 4KV, Line to Earth 4KV
    ·Electrostatic Discharge: Contact Discharge 6KV, Air Discharge 10KV
    ·Efficiency Level: V
    ·Power Consumption at No Load : 0.3W Max.
    ·Operating Temperature: 0°C~45°C
    ·Protection: Line OVP&UVP ,OCP, SCP, OPP, OVP, OTP
    ·LED indicator Option: N
    ·Application: IT/AV Equipment Such as Routers, Set-top Boxes,Gateways, Speakers, etc.

Item/Model A5 A5F 4DGF AE12
Nomal Input Voltage 100-240Vac 90-270Vac 90-270Vac 90-270Vac
*Max Input Voltage 300Vac 300Vac 300Vac 300Vac
*Line OVP and UVP N/Y N/Y N/Y N/Y
Input Current 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A
Output Voltage 5-12V 5-12V 9-12V 5-12V
Output Current 0.5-2A 0.5-2A 0.5-1A 0.5-2A
*Peak load Current Option N N N N
Output Power 12Wmax 12Wmax 12Wmax 12Wmax
Ripple&Noise 200mV/120mV 200mV/120mV 120mV 200mV/120mV
Working Altitude 5000m 5000m 5000m 5000m
Appearance Type Horizontal Horizontal vertical vertical
AC plug Type india india india india
DC Output Type DC cable DC cable DC cable DC cable
LED indicator Option N N N N
Size(mm) 61.7*24.8*33.7 61.7*24.8*33.7 61.7*42*47 63.3*42*45.2
Safety Standard BIS BIS BIS BIS
Made In China Y N Y Y
Made In India Y Y Y N

18W 18W


10W 10W


1700W 1700W


12W 12W